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ACHS Temporary Home Study Resources

Home Study Resources

The Temporary Home Study program is for students that will be missing between 3 and 15 days of school. The primary focus of this program is to allow for continued education during absences that are related to either COVID or COVID precautions.

Short Term Independent Studies vs. Temporary Home Services

  • When a family knows in advance that their student will be missing school in cases of vacation, travel, etc., students complete a Short Term Independent Study Contract with their counselor
  • When a student must quarantine at home due to a COVID-19 related incident, they must complete a Temporary Home Study Agreement 
  • In both cases, students must follow through with the paper and electronic processes so that their work is graded and their attendance is cleared and they are in good standing

Below is a list of all ACHS teachers along with their email addresses and the teacher's posted agendas for each of their courses. Students and their families may access the daily agenda for each class. During Temporary Home Study, students must keep up will all classwork for the class sessions they miss while on Temporary Home Study. 

Please communicate with course teachers for any clarification of general questions related to the course of study or assigned course work that is assigned during the absence.

Course Agendas and Teacher Contact Information